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Skinny Fiber Amy Swenson *

*Skinny fiber has has helped me out soooo much. I have been able to stay on track so much better since starting this. I finally broke a plateau i was stuck on, and definetly makes me feel full. I still have a long ways to go..but now I actually feel like there is hope.
Skinny Fiber JoAnn Dimock Lancaster *

*I have been taking Skinny Fiber for 2 months now. In that time, my health and energy has gotten much better. I have had 4 years of illness due to an injury. Have seen many doctors and tried everything. Everything but skinny fiber that is. After 2 months, i feel my body getting stronger and I finally have energy again. On top of that, I have lost double digit pounds and over 25 inches. My husband noticed how I was feeling and started taking it too. He has no need to lose weight, but took it for the health benefits. He had just been to the doctor and his lab work was awful. After 2 weeks, his labs are all normal (blood sugar, triglycerides, cholesterol and his blood pressure) His doctor was amazed and told him to keep it up. We are now a skinny fiber family for life.
Skinny Fiber Angela Crawley *

*I have been taking Skinny Fiber since October, I am down from a 16/18 to a 8/10, I have lost  pounds and feel like I have a new lease on life. I LOVE Skinny Fiber!!
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Skinny Fiber Tammy Perry Dobbs *

*I have been on Skinny Fiber for 10 months I am healthier than I've been in a long time and have lost weight. Off 3 bp meds and bloodwork continues to improve.
Skinny Fiber Holly Price Wolfe *

*I know personally that I was "stuck in a rut" and got to my heaviest, most depressing weight ever and just couldn't get any weight off. I was very skeptical about Skinny Fiber and waited a few months to see how my friend Wendy did. She was doing awesome and feeling great, so I started taking it in March. I have thyroid issues and was menopausal. Since taking Skinny Fiber, my hot flashes are gone, my energy level has increased tremendously, and I am down about pounds and about 8 inches overall. I have not experienced any side effects at all either. I could have better results if I ate better and exercised more, but I am taking the Skinny Fiber daily, making healthier food choices, and drinking my water and will continue to do so. My family also says that my "demeanor has improved a great deal too." Haha I just finished my first 90 day challenge and will be starting up another one as soon as possible!
Skinny Fiber Aya Simpson *

*Skinny Fiber saved my life. September/2012 the hospital sent me home, unable to walk/ talk and I had violent tremors. My heart was failing and they had no remedy for me. I got clearance from 4 doctors, giving me the okay to start SF. Within 5 days of starting SF I was able to move my bowels for the 1st time in 2 months. Since then I have been getting better daily. After 1 month I was taken off my blood pressure medication that I had been taking for 11 yrs. I am forever grateful for all that has taken place. I am in love with Skinny Body Care. Thanks for letting me share.
*Results not typical, you may not do as well.
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